Peace River

Something told to me by Emerson, my six-year old.

The whole thing is gonna be called Peace River. But the whole thing and the back yard is called Wonderful Sea Horses.

Peace River has animals on its sidewalk and fish in the pond and a birdy has a ball of peace on its back that makes the peace and it has a little thorn that pours out the peace into the river and the fish like what the ball makes.

There’s a circle of roses with a cow in the middle. There’s a tiger gazing at the Peace River and a treasure chest at the corner of the Peace River.

There are lots of dogs and you can put them in the flower. You step on some leaf steps, and there’s a cute bell at the top and you ring it and then it opens, and one dog gets out and you put the other dog in. You will find the restaurant in a green room that has a beautiful giant fan that makes the whole restaurant smell good. And it has delicious food.

Now the next one is the nurse’s office. I didn’t tell you to spell that yet. (I got ahead of her).

The office has a teddy bear resting cause it’s waiting to be hugged when a child comes in when it’s sick. The nurse is a very nice person. (Her name is Rocilla, said JoJo, her younger sis. Emmy did not like that.) Her name is Cute Little Snowman.

The fan in a restaurant smells really good and has a little green ribbon on the floor that reaches out of the restaurant.

The animals look out of one of the playhouses and you can go in there and play. There are lots of other play structures, and one of the play houses goes to the peace river.

And there’s a guy watching over everyplace. And he shines a flashlight with a pretty jewel on it and he shines it side to side to see who it is–who the person is that is breaking the laws.

I mean there’s one more: there’s a tiger statue outside the restaurant. And there’s a button you can push on a big thing and it flips over and makes lots of noises and that’s a lot of fun to do.


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