Poetry and Dance

I’ve been joking lately about my participation in Ballet Nouveau’s Love: A Joint Venture. I keep telling fellow writers that if ever a dance company approaches them about using–or commissioning–some work as the starting point for a new ballet performance, that they should readily accept the offer.


Of course I know that I am incredibly lucky. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Especially for a poet.

Poets rarely consider an audience of readers; they even more rarely consider a one-person audience (choreographer) who will then take the writing and make that voice come alive–to cloak the words in flesh and then move in ways that are beautifully expressive. And then to be gifted with an audience who will sit and watch–and hopefully be moved by–a live performance of words and dance.


I hope to see you there. I really think you will be amazed. February 6 thru 15.



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