Current Projects

Recent and Forthcoming

Occasionally, I write about the intersection of literature and culture, and why I (and many others) think that literature is integral to our culture. At

I recently had a poem, “August, Public Pool” appearing in Dactyl Zine.

In April 2014, I collaborated for a third time with Garrett Ammon, artistic director of Wonderbound on a full-length narrative ballet, entitled Gone West. We also worked with supertalented musician and songwriter Ian Cooke. Here’s an interview on Colorado Public Radio.

A second book of poetry, Active Gods, is out from Conundrum Press.

My first book of poetry, No Stranger Than My Own, is also available through Conundrum Press and Amazon.

Intersection, a chapbook of poems written in collaboration with Garrett Ammon and Ballet Nouveau Colorado, is also available.

Old(er) News

A poem, “Cadillac, An Ode” appeared in Copper Nickel.

An essay, “The House on Downing Street” can be found in the January 2009 issue of 5280 Magazine.

An essay, “Allegheny Comfort,” appeared in Rio Grande Review.

Ongoing Projects

I occasionally write on my blog, It’s technically about biking, but it’s also about a lot more than that.

Also, I post occasionally on the Lighthouse blog, too.

I’m shopping around a memoir, tentatively entitled The Long Run. It’s about growing up in Buffalo, New York, and my wonderful, sometimes intense family, and the dynamics of the men and women around me, and trying to figure out how I ended up being a poet, of all things. It’s also about my hometown too, a place recently referred to “Loserville” in a series of articles in The Buffalo News. Buffalo tries hard–very hard–and people are good to one another, but success is never guaranteed. I suppose that’s true for all places, and all projects.

I could cite many examples, but really all I need to give you is an, ahem, equation: Scott Norwood + the Buffalo Bills + Wide Right = Everlasting Heartache

Several chapters have been published in various journals, including Wazee, Open Windows Anthology, and Georgetown Review, which selected a chapter, entitled “The Prelude Summer,” as a runner up in their Writing About Vocation essay contest. Also, Stories on Stage chose a short piece, entitled “Me Tarzan, You Dad,” for a recent performance, which was quite an honor.